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Service center

Our company sincerely to provide customers with stable quality products and satisfactory service,in order to guarantee the interests of customers, we make the following service commitment:

1, to provide customers samples or related technical support;

2, introduce products to customers, and provide consultation and the necessary technical and quality information;

3, to help customers the choice of scientific and reasonable product type, specification, model;

4, provide joint materials and cementing technology;

5, conveyor belt use knowledge training for the customer;

6, accept customer calls, letter, visit, ensure reply within 24 hours.

7, need to solve the quality problems, ensure the 24-72 hours to reach the customer production site;

8 and pack the goods according to the characteristics of customer required equipment, to achieve waterproof, sunscreen, mildew, rust, etc;

9, build customer file, staff or telephone pays a return visit on a regular basis.

Service center

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