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  • Heat resistant conveyor belts
    Features and appliation:The heat resisitant conveyor belts consist of heat resistant rubber cover and fabric core with multi-layers, widely used in metallurgy, building materials...
  • Cold resistant conveyor belts
    Features and application:This kind of conveyor belts consist of reinforcing core with strength nylon,contton,pliyester,or steel,and cold resistant rubber cober.It can work under...
  • Concave herringbone conveyor belt
    Features and application:Patterned belt is commpose of belt carcass and patten cober.Patten shape and height(deoth)can be different because of different ...
  • Contton conveyor belts
    Features and applications:multi-layers cotton as the core, common use rubber as the cover,made after moliding and vulacanizing.Mainly used to convey powder small...
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